With IDOLS I have looked at the youth tribe as a source of inspiration. A time in our lives where we feel invincible but also vulnerable while belonging and feeling decisively in the present. Where the real portrait of ourselves to ourselves begins to be realized.

An unconscious and unobvious route where materials and colors such as neon yellow, purple, metallic pink, translucid hands, baroque pearls and sequins unite.

To adore and

to be adored.

This is IDOLS.



Baroque fresh pearls, double infinite knuckle ring, cocktail ring set with two pink sapphires, a lemon quartz, an amethyst and a fresh water pearl.

Idols rings


She just laughed
and said,
“Oh you’re
so funny.”
I said “Yeah?” *

* Pulp. (1995). Common People from the album Different Class. London, UK: The Town House .

Shooting location: Sotoverde cocktail bar, Madrid, 2019.

Art direction & Photograph: Lourdes Cabrera   Styling: Penny Century   Models: Celia Márquez & Ángela Huete

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