Beatriz Palacios Jiménez is the protagonist, director and designer of the Madrid based jewelry brand BEATRIZ PALACIOS.

Beatriz studied and graduated as a mining engineer at the Universidad Politécnica in Madrid. After graduating, she moved to Dublin where she made contacts with young Irish designers and had her first real experiences with the fashion industry. A year later she moved back to Madrid and while working as an engineer, she continued to study jewelry techniques with proffesional jewelers. After a number of years of learning she felt confident to launch the brand in the winter of 2011.

Her inspirations have varied between different European art and design movements of the last century or natural animal and plant forms. The brand develops two collections each year. Each one is unique in its inspiration but all are unified by a distinctive style cultivated over a lifetime.

The aim of the brand is always to mantain a high insistence on quality, craftmanship and design. Beatriz, together with the help of a master jeweller, works on the concepts and practical completion of each individual piece in a collection. Every single piece is designed and handcrafted in her workshop in Madrid, Spain. As both an artist and jewelry designer it is always most important to her that she oversees every single piece and she prides herself in this work practice.


Beatriz Palacios

Photography: Lourdes Cabrera