.upcycled vintage treasures

is a new line of jewellery that we are creating with a mission on having a lesser impact enviromentally. By limiting the waste and keeping materials in use for aslong as possible we aim to create well-made and beautiful everyday pieces of jewellery that our customers will be able to use and cherish for a life time.

.Limited editions

Each piece is handmade out of UPCYCLED and RECYCLED materials. My love for antiques and retro jewellery led me trapping around flea markets in New York, Paris, Madrid and London unearthing vintage treasures over many years. At the same time, in the design and crafting process of our previous collections, we ensured that no metal goes to waste. In order to achieve that, we have been collecting the metal leftovers from our productions and through a recycling process, we are reusing this recycled silver in the manufacturing of SUSTAINED.

.forever jewelry

has born to stay, and we will continue to introduce new work reflecting our mission in the use of recycled resources to give them a second live. Part of the collection is made out of up- cycled vintage materials, which means that some of the pieces will be limited editions.