About us

About us

Beatriz Palacios diseƱo de joyas

Dublin where she worked as jewelry designer. A year later she moved back to Madrid and while working as an engineer, she continued to study jewelry techniques trained by master jewelers.

Merging past and future, Beatriz designs jewelry for unconventional, sophisticated women of different generations who have their own interpretation of femininity.

The brand is distinguished by being unique and innovative. Taking inspiration from classical and historical references, cinema, music and art, Beatriz develops a collection every season characterized by a distinctive design aesthetic derived from a multitude of playful experimentation through forms and materials.

BEATRIZ PALACIOS stands for a high insistence on quality, craftsmanship and design. Beatriz together with her team of master jewelers works on the concepts and practical completion of each individual piece in a collection. Every single piece is designed and handcrafted in her workshop in Madrid.