Blue, like the works of the painter David Hockney immediatly evoke in me a sense of freshness and sixties pop. As Hockney was drawn to the colours and swimming pools of California I similarly was attracted to this most intoxicating of colours after watching The Swimmer* by Frank Perry.

Taking The Swimmer*  as my starting point I began to experiment on how I could fuse this colour palette of sky and neon blue, black onix and transparent with materials such as glass, preserved natural roses and clear PVC.

Lantern earrings
Lantern earrings

Crossing elements and inspirations from cinema, art and design I have woven together a collection of jewelry interconnected through infinite shades of ‘BLUE’.

Anillo Beatriz Palacios



Beatriz Palacios Art
Beatriz Palacios Art
Renaissance Headpiece
originales pendientes - diseño de joyas
Beatriz Palacios art

I’m swimming home.

Pool by pool, they form a river all the way to our house. *

* Perry, F. (1968);  The Swimmer (film); USA: Columbia Pictures

Shooting location: Torres Blancas roof top swimming pool, Madrid, 2018

Art direction & Photograph: Lourdes Cabrera   Styling: Andrea Pimentel   Model: Aleksandra O


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