Gran Via

Inspired by the electric atmosphere of city life, we present GRAN VIA, a collection that reflects the nightscape of metropolises like Madrid, Tokyo, London or New York. A tribute to its eclectic environments where everyone is welcome, regardless of origin or destination.

The main artery of any city functions as a crossroads where cultural, ethnic and social diversity converge.

GRAN VIA is also a meeting point: pearls and gold are mixed with antique neon crystal bars, as a metaphor for the urban brightness reflected by the night.

Iridescent neons are reminiscent of Madrid’s Gran Vía, very close to the workshop where we design and create each of our pieces.

Shooting location: Gran Vía, Madrid, summer 2021

Photography/ Lourdes Cabrera
Stylist/Julia Vergara
Models/ Alicia Utiyama and Carmen B.Mikelarena


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